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Family Tree Names

VALDER, Dora (10 JAN 1870-16 NOV 1942)
VALDER, Edwin (4 FEB 1841-23 MAY 1914)
VALDER, Hans (18 OCT 1813-28 JAN 1901)
VAN DEUSEN, Grant Stuart (Private-)
VAN DEUSEN, Roger Alan (Private-)
VANCAMP, Clarissa (Private-)
VANDAVEER, Jennifer (Private-)
VANDAVEER, Richard (Private-)
VANDUSEN, Ashley (Private-)
VANDUSEN, Earl C (29 NOV 1890-WFT Est. 1938-1982)
VANDUSEN, Emily (Private-)
VANDUSEN, George M (3 AUG 1957-14 AUG 1957)
VANDUSEN, George Merrill (Private-)
VANDUSEN, George T (WFT Est. 1839-1868-WFT Est. 1893-1953)
VANDUSEN, Valerie (Private-)
VENTO, Agnesina (Private-)
VERE, Sylvia Margarita (Private-)
VIELE, Diane (Private-)
VILLANUEVA, Christina Marie (Private-)
VILLANUEVA, Danny Joe (Private-)
VILLANUEVA, Jeffery Luis (Private-)
VILLANUEVA, Joseph Phillip (Private-)
VILLANUEVA, Robert Phillip (Private-)
VIRT, Magadalena
VISNIESKI, Magdline (5 MAY 1906-11 JUN 1993)
VISNISKI, Victoria (WFT Est. 1893-1915-WFT Est. 1936-1995)
VOGEL, Elizabeth Catherine (1867-6 FEB 1955)
VOGES, Clara (Private-)
VOGES, Elsie (Private-)
VOGES, Emil Charles (28 AUG 1918-3 OCT 1979)
VOGES, Emil James (Private-)
VOGES, Helen (Private-)
VOGES, Hilda E (Private-)
VOGES, Jacqueline Kay (Private-)
VOGES, John (3 OCT 1876-24 MAR 1936)
VOGES, John (Private-)
VOGES, Kenneth (Private-)
VOGES, Pamela (Private-)
VOGES, Rebecca (Private-)
VOGES, Robert (Private-)
VOGES, Rose (Private-)
VOGES, Sierra Danielle (Private-)
VOGES, Sierra Lyn (Private-)
VOGES, William (WFT Est. 1827-1865-WFT Est. 1909-1951)
VOGES, William F (Private-)
VOLLMER, Magadalena (Catherine) (13 JAN 1809-18 MAY 1849)
VON GARRETT, Freddie (Private-)
VON KENNER, Michael (WFT Est. 1754-1788-WFT Est. 1795-1868)
VORE, David Norman (Private-)
VORE, Marvin Calvin (4 JAN 1928-18 JAN 1972)
VORE, Marvin Calvin (Private-)
VORE, Michael Harvey (Private-)
VYE, Lavonne (Private-)
VYE, Ralph
WACHEL, Biellie (2 NOV 1927-4 NOV 1927)
WACHEL, Helen Louise (Private-)
WACHEL, Mary Margaret (Private-)
WACHEL, Mathew Edward (16 SEP 1894-4 JAN 1969)
WACHEL, Raymond Edward (Private-)
WAGNER, Al (WFT Est. 1855-1884-WFT Est. 1909-1969)
WAGNER, Freida May (Private-)
WAJDA, Frances Rose (10 SEP 1917-16 NOV 1977)
WAJDA, Ignatius (31 JUL 1884-WFT Est. 1920-1975)
WAJDA, John Henry (10 JUL 1914-12 AUG 1981)
WAJDA, Mack (Private-)
WAJDA, Stanley (18 NOV 1959-12 DEC 1961)
WALKER, Catherine Louise (Private-)
WALLACE, Thomas Michael (Private-)
WALLACE, William P (Private-)
WARHOL, Patsy Ann (Private-)
WARHOL, Pete L (Private-)
WARREN, Ward (19 OCT 1832-WFT Est. 1862-1923)
WASHINGTON, Clarence (Private-)
WATSON, Bethelen (Private-)
WATSON, Clark (Private-)
WATSON, Virginia (Private-)
WATTERS, Amy (Private-)
WEAVER, Frank (WFT Est. 1830-1857-WFT Est. 1881-1944)
WEAVER, Frank (WFT Est. 1827-1856-WFT Est. 1881-1941)
WEAVER, Fred Warren (10 AUG 1878-14 MAY 1965)
WEAVER, Solomon (WFT Est. 1815-1835-WFT Est. 1860-1921)
WEBER, Emily C. (31 DEC 1878-21 APR 1955)
WEBSTER, (WFT Est. 1793-1822-WFT Est. 1847-1907)
WEBSTER, Aaron (7 APR 1687-WFT Est. 1718-1778)
WEBSTER, Ada (13 NOV 1871-28 DEC 1957)
WEBSTER, Ann (19 FEB 1739/40-WFT Est. 1767-1834)
WEBSTER, Barbara (ABT. 1828-WFT Est. 1856-1922)
WEBSTER, Betty Ruth (Private-)
WEBSTER, Cheryl (Private-)
WEBSTER, Cindra Lee (Private-)
WEBSTER, Clara Florence (18 DEC 1858-31 OCT 1874)
WEBSTER, Daniel (18 MAR 1830-7 MAR 1853)
WEBSTER, Daniel Bagby (3 AUG 1782-30 JUL 1854)
WEBSTER, David (10 APR 1751-1834)
WEBSTER, Deborah (11 JUN 1796-22 NOV 1836)
WEBSTER, Della May (14 NOV 1870-8 JUN 1914)
WEBSTER, Elizabeth (22 DEC 1779-WFT Est. 1780-1873)
WEBSTER, Emma (1844-WFT Est. 1883-1939)
WEBSTER, Eva Melinda (9 MAY 1881-9 JAN 1968)
WEBSTER, Glenn Hunter (10 NOV 1892-16 AUG 1923)
WEBSTER, Glenn Ralph (Private-)
WEBSTER, Helen Louise (Private-)
WEBSTER, Henry (ABT. 1660-WFT Est. 1691-1751)
WEBSTER, Iva M (1 FEB 1879-18 JUL 1914)
WEBSTER, James (14 AUG 1844-9 JUL 1863)
WEBSTER, James (8 MAY 1785-14 SEP 1850)
WEBSTER, Jane (25 DEC 1775-WFT Est. 1800-1869)
WEBSTER, Jane E (Private-)
WEBSTER, John Bagby (WFT Est. 1749-1775-WFT Est. 1799-1863)
WEBSTER, John L (1824-6 JUL 1897)
WEBSTER, John Robbins (23 SEP 1817-1 NOV 1887)
WEBSTER, Joseph (Private-)
WEBSTER, Joseph J (Private-)
WEBSTER, Joshua (WFT Est. 1798-1823-WFT Est. 1840-1908)
WEBSTER, Luke (ABT. 1746-1817)
WEBSTER, Marjorie Kathleen (Private-)
WEBSTER, Martha Marilyn (Private-)
WEBSTER, Mary (AUG 1791-15 OCT 1882)
WEBSTER, Mary (Private-)
WEBSTER, Mary Anne (Private-)
WEBSTER, Mary Jane (20 FEB 1850-3 JUL 1904)
WEBSTER, Nancy Stule? (6 MAR 1773-WFT Est. 1802-1867)
WEBSTER, Nathaniel (29 NOV 1714-18 JAN 1801)
WEBSTER, Paul Phillip (10 APR 1912-18 MAR 1978)
WEBSTER, Ralph Orval (27 MAR 1884-2 FEB 1968)
WEBSTER, Rebecca Ann (Private-)
WEBSTER, Reuben (28 MAY 1792-8 JUL 1857)
WEBSTER, Reuben (ABT. 1824-WFT Est. 1825-1914)
WEBSTER, Rhoda (25 JAN 1826-23 JAN 1898)
WEBSTER, Rhoda Cathrine (22 JAN 1855-WFT Est. 1882-1949)
WEBSTER, Rhoda Katharine (WFT Est. 1836-1859-WFT Est. 1881-1947)
WEBSTER, Ruben R (11 JUN 1842-13 AUG 1927)
WEBSTER, Rupert Paul (7 JUL 1877-30 APR 1967)
WEBSTER, Samuel (10 APR 1749-24 JAN 1823)
WEBSTER, Samuel (6 JAN 1822-4 MAY 1863)
WEBSTER, Samuel Bagby (16 MAY 1777-SEP 1836)
WEBSTER, Samuel Potter (16 DEC 1846-24 OCT 1904)
WEBSTER, Sarah (ABT. 1753-WFT Est. 1782-1847)
WEBSTER, Susan Naomi (11 OCT 1852-WFT Est. 1882-1946)
WEBSTER, Susannah (28 JUL 1771-WFT Est. 1794-1865)
WEBSTER, Teresa (Private-)
WEBSTER, Timothy (Private-)
WEBSTER, Tobias (ABT. 1832-BEF. JAN 1862)
WEBSTER, William Charles (MAY 1788-WFT Est. 1815-1879)
WEIGAND, Arthur (Private-)
WEIGAND, Teri Ann (Private-)
WEIGAND, Todd Christopher (Private-)
WEIGAND, Tracy Ann (Private-)
WEIGAND, Troy Arthur (Private-)
WELLS, Joan K (Private-)
WELLS, Leslie Louis (29 SEP 1989-26 OCT 1975)
WELLS, Lila Lou (Private-)
WELLS, Pat (Private-)
WENCE, Teresa (1883-1943)
WENNING, (Private-)
WENNING, Michael (Private-)
WENNING, Michelle (Private-)
WENNING, Steve (Private-)
WENNING, Victoria (Private-)
WEST, Catherine E (WFT Est. 1847-1865-WFT Est. 1882-1952)
WEST, George A (1857-WFT Est. 1858-1947)
WEST, Highly A (1854-WFT Est. 1855-1948)
WEST, James (WFT Est. 1776-1805-WFT Est. 1830-1890)
WEST, Marcus D (1858-1933)
WEST, Marcus L (7 FEB 1827-13 FEB 1915)
WESTFALL, Rita (Private-)
WESTMORELAND, Dorothy May (Private-)
WEYRANCHE, Ann Sourwine (Private-)
WEYRANCHE, Henry M Jr (Private-)
WHEELER, Rose Edith (WFT Est. 1864-1887-WFT Est. 1909-1975)
WHITE, Deborah Rose (Private-)
WHITE, Mary (ABT. 1871-AFT. 1936)
WHITE, Susan (WFT Est. 1788-1807-WFT Est. 1823-1892)
WHITEHEAD, Angela Diane (ABT. 1972-ABT. 1972)
WHITEHEAD, Christie Michell (Private-)
WHITEHEAD, David M (Private-)
WHITEHEAD, Jamie Jo (Private-)
WHITEHEAD, Ryan David (Private-)
WICKHAM, Asena (ABT. 1825-WFT Est. 1857-1919)
WICKHAM, Nathan Henry (ABT. 1792-WFT Est. 1828-1883)
WIERZBICKI, Antone Pete (Private-)
WIERZBICKI, Augustine Mary (Private-)
WIERZBICKI, Bruno F (Private-)
WIERZBICKI, Janie (Private-)
WIERZBICKI, Verna L (Private-)
WIESENTHAL, Emanuel (WFT Est. 1874-1903-WFT Est. 1928-1988)
WIESENTHAL, Melton (-19 MAR 1991)
WIESENTHAL, Milton Maurice (25 DEC 1925-19 MAR 1991)
WILGANOWSKI, Henry J (Private-)
WILGANOWSKI, Herman C (Private-)
WILGANOWSKI, Nathaniel Lee (Private-)
WILGANOWSKI, Tara Colette (Private-)
WILHELMINE, Hanne Caroline (20 FEB 1833-)
WILLIAMS, Carol Jean (Private-)
WILLIAMS, Catrina Marie (Private-)
WILLIAMS, Christie Michelle (Private-)
WILLIAMS, Glen Alan (Private-)
WILLIAMS, Kate (7 DEC 1839-WFT Est. 1869-1933)
WILLIAMS, Lorrie (Private-)
WILLIAMS, Marion Loyd (Private-)
WILLIAMS, Rachel Diane (Private-)
WILLIAMS, Robert (Private-)
WILLIAMS, Stephanie (Private-)
WILSON, Flossie (WFT Est. 1867-1890-WFT Est. 1912-1978)
WILSON, Gladys Francis (1899-1977)
WILSON, Neuman (WFT Est. 1795-1824-WFT Est. 1849-1909)
WILSON, Norval (Private-)
WILSON, S S (1857-1924)
WILSON, Sharon (Private-)
WILSON, Telitha Cumi (1846-1930)
WINDSOR, Johnny Lee (Private-)
WINDSOR, Stephen Lee (Private-)
WINN, Carlos Howard (5 DEC 1907-28 JAN 1973)
WINN, Jeryl Arlen (Private-)
WISCHNEWSKY, Adolph B (Private-)
WISCHNEWSKY, Jackie C (Private-)
WISTAR, John Casper (WFT Est. 1685-1711-WFT Est. 1736-1798)
WISTOCKA, Rosalia (WFT Est. 1845-1868-WFT Est. 1890-1956)
WITTIKER, Patsey (Private-)
WITWICKI, Mary (23 JUL 1902-24 JAN 1988)
WITWICKI, Mike (Private-)
WITWICKI, Nicholas (WFT Est. 1851-1880-WFT Est. 1905-1965)
WOLF, Nancy
WOLOSZYN, Deborah Jean (Private-)
WOLOSZYN, Heath Evan (Private-)
WOLOSZYN, John (14 JUN 1891-19 AUG 1939)
WOLOSZYN, John (Private-)
WOLOSZYN, John William (Private-)
WOLOSZYN, Josephine Catherine (Private-)
WOLOSZYN, Pauline Anna (Private-)
WOLOSZYN, Sophia (7 AUG 1921-20 DEC 1925)
WOLOSZYN, Stephanie Leigh (Private-)
WOLOSZYN, Wasyl (WFT Est. 1840-1869-WFT Est. 1894-1954)
WOOD, Amanda Gertrude (24 JUN 1884-8 OCT 1968)
WOOD, Edna Mae (28 OCT 1881-3 AUG 1958)
WOOD, Guy M. (12 JAN 1875-JUN 1963)
WOOD, James
WOOD, James Hazzard (7 SEP 1845-17 APR 1920)
WOOD, Lena (2 NOV 1877-9 NOV 1943)
WOOD, Lutie P. (8 DEC 1872-6 FEB 1936)
WOZNIAK, Curtis (Private-)
WOZNIAK, Elaine (Private-)
WOZNIAK, Richard (Private-)
WOZNIAK, Robert (1889-1964)
WRIGHT, Pauline (Private-)
WYATT, J Michael (Private-)
WYLEGOWSKA, Anastasia (WFT Est. 1853-1876-WFT Est. 1898-1964)
WYSKUP, Helen (Private-)
WYSKUP, Ignacy (WFT Est. 1822-1865-WFT Est. 1862-1946)
WYSKUP, Joe (WFT Est. 1862-1891-WFT Est. 1916-1976)
WYSKUP, Sophie (Private-)
YANDEL, Margaret (WFT Est. 1846-1869-WFT Est. 1891-1957)
YAST, Wayne
YBARRA, Benny (Private-)
YBARRA, Benny (Private-)
YBARRA, Steven (Private-)
YEISER, Frederick (WFT Est. 1704-1731-WFT Est. 1754-1818)
YEZAK, (Private-)
YEZAK, Marie (Private-)
YOCUM, Theodore R (WFT Est. 1854-1874-WFT Est. 1899-1960)
YOUNDT, Anna Maria (WFT Est. 1739-1773-WFT Est. 1795-1861)
YOUNG, Mary (28 JUN 1770-28 JUL 1838)
ZABAWA, Jakob (WFT Est. 1834-1875-WFT Est. 1874-1956)
ZABAWA, Marjorie (Private-)
ZABAWA, Mary M (WFT Est. 1874-1901-WFT Est. 1919-1989)
ZAJAC, Victoria (Private-)
ZAN, Adam (Private-)
ZAN, Albine (Private-)
ZAN, Amanda (Private-)
ZAN, Bill (Private-)
ZAN, Billy (Private-)
ZAN, Casey (Private-)
ZAN, Clara (Private-)
ZAN, Dillon (Private-)
ZAN, Francis (Private-)
ZAN, John (Private-)
ZAN, Kayla (Private-)
ZAN, Margaret (Private-)
ZAN, Martha (Private-)
ZAN, Mildred (Private-)
ZAN, Patrick (Private-)
ZAN, Paul (Private-)
ZAN, Paulette (26 OCT 1960-13 NOV 1994)
ZAN, Sarah (Private-)
ZAN, Tom (Private-)
ZAN, Wesley (Private-)
ZAWADZKA, (Private-)
ZEHR, Armin (Private-)
ZEHR, Jennifer Kay (Private-)
ZEHR, Matthew Timothy (Private-)
ZEHR, Timothy O (Private-)
ZIELNY, Julia (15 FEB 1905-NOV 1973)
ZIELS, Patricia Eleanor (Private-)
ZIELS, Robert (Private-)
ZIMMERMAN, Anna (1679-WFT Est. 1680-1773)
ZIMMERMAN, Barbara (1683-WFT Est. 1684-1777)
ZIMMERMAN, Benidict (1677-WFT Est. 1678-1767)
ZIMMERMAN, Carpenter Heinrich (7 SEP 1673-ABT. 1748)
ZIMMERMAN, Catharina (15 SEP 1751-6 OCT 1800)
ZIMMERMAN, Catherine (1686-WFT Est. 1687-1780)
ZIMMERMAN, Christian Carpenter (1707-WFT Est. 1708-1797)
ZIMMERMAN, David (1690-WFT Est. 1691-1780)
ZIMMERMAN, Elbeth (1672-WFT Est. 1673-1762)
ZIMMERMAN, Elbeth (1680-WFT Est. 1681-1770)
ZIMMERMAN, Gabriel Carpenter (1704-1767)
ZIMMERMAN, Hans (1675-WFT Est. 1676-1765)
ZIMMERMAN, Heinrich (1650-WFT Est. 1693-1742)
ZIMMERMAN, Henrich (10 NOV 1747-22 JUN 1820)
ZURMEHLY, Charles Louis (Private-)
ZURMEHLY, Lisa Renea (Private-)


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